Mixed Messages Tom Flaherty

Electroacoustic Quartet Recess

Separation Songs – Matt Sargent

Ever wonder what two centuries colliding sounds like? “Separation Songs” is a haunting album-length work for two string quartets. It juxtaposes and weaves together an array of 18th-century composer William Billings’s hymn tunes, altering them via real-time-generated variations as the piece unfolds. Both quartet parts are performed via overdubbing by the noted new-music-championing Eclipse Quartet. “The Eclipse [Quartet] is LA’s answer to 20th-century and present-day music.” (“HuffPost”). Composer Matt Sargent’s music has been described by critics as “a powerfully organic experience” (“Sequenza21”) that “uses bare resources to establish a bounded and essential space” (“The Wire”)

Distance – Dave Walther

Capital Duo | Eclipse Quartet | Duncan Cumming, Piano | Catherine Karoly, Flute | Jonathan Karoly, Cello Eclipse performs Walther’s 2nd String Quartet.


Ben Johnston Revised Standards


Roscoe Mitchell

Eclipse performs 9/9/99 with cards

Rzewski, Tenney & Parkins: Music for String Quartet & Percussion

This CD features the virtually unprecedented combination of string quartet and percussion. It contains three works by prominent American experimentalist composers from several generations exploring the ensemble’s unique sonic resources in diverse stylistic settings, each with its own original approach to musical form.

Morton Feldman: Piano & String Quartet

Composed two years before his death, the ultra-impressionistic Piano and String Quartet is one of the most beguiling of Feldman’s late works. With its chords based on semitones, this nearly 80-minute, single movement work floats in a typical Feldmanesque haze, yet progresses with a forward moving determination and logic that sets it apart from some of Feldman’s more static pieces of this period. 

Necklace Zeena Parkins

Eclipse’s first release on the Composer Series of Tzadik. Includes 2 String Quartets of Zeena Parkins Persuasion for string quartet and electronic processing. And Necklace for String Quartet